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Autor: Abrahim Lavi
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RECENT ADVANCES IN OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUES , Abrahim Lavi , Thomas P. Vogl editors , Publisher John Wiley & Sons , INC New York 1966 , Nedavna dostignuća u tehnikama optimizacije ;

of original articles discusses recent an- alytical studies and presents new practical methods of optimization. The results of the application of these methods to real-life problems are presented and actual working programs are described and their operation discussed.

Drawn from diverse scientific and engineering disciplines, the articles cover two broad areas. The first involves design optimization of `static` systems, leading to nonlinear programming problems. The other involves performance optimization of dynamic systems, leading to problems in the calculus of variations, dynamic programming and others.

An extensive bibliography of optimization techniques is included.

Contents :
Welcome from the Optical Society of America - W. L. Hyde
Lens Design Viewed as an Optimization Process - D. P. Feder
A Comparison among Eight Known Optimizing Procedures - A. Leon
The Generalized Orthonormal Optimization Program and Its Applications - R. J. Pegis ,
D. S. Grey ,T. P. Vogl and A. K. Rigler
A New Computing Technique for the Solution of Concave Non-linear Programming Problems
Boundary Conditions in Optimization Problems - D. S. Grey
AIDA General Purpose Computer Program for Optimization - J. K. Casey , R. C. Rustay
A Universal Adaptive Code for Optimization (GROPE) - M. M. Flood and A. Leon
The Probe and Edge Theorems for Non-linear Optimization - R. A. Mugele
An Algorithm for Geometric Programming - C. J. Frank
Optimization in Electromagnetic System Design - R. Schinzinger
The SUMT Method for Convex Programming: Some Discussion and Experience - A. Charnes
The Use of `Optimal Search` for Engineering Design - J. Weisman and C. F. Wood
Optimizing Zoom Systems with the Lasl Lens Design Program - C. A. Lehman
Computer Studies of A Certain Class of Linear Integer Problems - R. W. House, L. D. Nelson,
A Method for Scheduling Students to Classes - G. L. Thompson
Dynamic Inference Decision Processes - R. A. Howard
A Generalized Maximum Principle - D. G. Luenberger
Objective Function Indistinguishability in Unimodal Optimization - D. J. Wilde
On Improving the Performance of a Class of Optimal Control Systems by Employing Simple Coarse Controls - W. J. Culver
A Practical Multifactor Optimization Criterion - D. A. Gall
A Gradient Method for Optimizing Stochastic Systems - R. J. Fitzgerald
Optimum Digital Control of Shipboard Plants with Stochastic Inputs - H. R. Martens
Optimal Tracking of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems - J. C. Strauss
Solution of Variational Problems with Bounded Control Variables by Means of the Generalized Newton-Raphson Method - P. Kenneth and G. E. Taylor
Solution of Multiple-arc Problems by the Steepest-descent Method - D. S. Hague
Optimal and Sub-optimal Designs of Proportional Navigation Systems - F. H. Kishi and T. S. Bettwy
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