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BOOK OF SPELLS , Arthur Edward Waite

BOOK OF SPELLS , Arthur Edward Waite
Autor: Arthur Waite
Cena: 500.00 din.

Šifra: 41693

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BOOK OF SPELLS , Arthur Edward Waite , Wordsworth Reference  1995 , First published in 1911 as The Book of Ceremonial Magic, this classic work explains the rites, mysteries and secret traditions of Witchcraft, Sorcery, and "Infernal Necromancy", and also explores Theurgy, the White Magic which invokes beneficent spirits. Presented in two parts, the first 'contains an analytical and critical account of the chief magical rituals known to the writer'; the second 'forms a complete Grimoire of Black Magic'. With illustrations and diagrams throughout, the author's mission, 'to permit the rituals of White and Black Magic to speak for themselves', is brilliantly accomplished in this extraordinary text. paperback, illustrated, format 12,5 x 19,5 cm , 337 pages